PRL 2015+ Subaru WRX FA20DIT 3" Intake System

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Gain power power by sucking in more air with cooler air temps using our true 3" intake system for the 2015+ WRX! Our intake system was one of the first true 3" intake systems on the market for the 2015+ FA20DIT WRX, featuring straight through 3" diameter tubing unlike other intakes that taper down at the MAF housing size to offer a "no tune required" intake, aka noise-maker.
  • 11 hp and 9 ft / lbs of tq at peak with just an OTS Stage 2 Cobb AccessPort reflash, scaled for the 3" intake
  • 19 hp and 20 ft / lbs of tq at peak with a Pro Tune
  • Huge midrange gains
  • Significant drops in intake temps, keeping temps consistent and reflective to intake manifold temps
  • Drastically decreased detonation
IAT's were a consistent 93 degrees at most cruising / pulling speeds and RPM's, while the intake manifold temps were anywhere from 115 degrees to 140 degrees!
Our intake system features full 3" diameter tubing through the MAF hole for non restrictive flow unlike competitors. A CNC'd MAF flange is used to house the custom extension harness so the OEM Subaru sensor is utilized. All kits come powder coated in black and mount to to the stock location.
Kit Includes:
  • 3" powder coated intake pipe with MAF flange
  • 12" MAF extension harness
  • (2) Stainless steel M4 bolts
  • 3" velocity stack
  • 6" PRL Motorsports cone filter
  • (2) 3" 4-Ply PRL Motorsports couplers
  • (4) stainless steel worm clamps
Tune Required
*Offroad Use Only