Ktuner Tunerview RD2 Dash

Brand: KTuner

Product Code: HRT:TV:RD2RD2C02

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Color Display, Touchscreen, User Configurable Displays, and Progressive Shift Lights are just a handful of new features on the new Tunerview RD2! Make sure to checkout the teaser video below to see some of these features in action!

Display Information:

  • 5" Color TFT w/ Touch Screen
  • 9 Programmable LEDs, Full Color RGB
  • LEDs Allow Programmable Gradient And Intensity From Start To Finish Value
  • LED Warnings For Values Above Or Below Threshold
  • CNC Aluminum Case, Anodized Black
  • Configurable Layouts – Options Definable Via Touch
  • 4 Programmable Pages Per Layout
  • Layout Selection Page With Layout Previews
  • Menu System For Settings
  • Auto-Screen Shutoff
  • Auto-Deep Sleep/Wake For OBD2 CAN And K-Line Platforms

Supported ECUs:

  • NepTune (Requires 4 pin direct serial cable option)
  • NepTune RTP (Requires 4 pin direct serial cable option)
  • KTunerECU R1 (Requires 4 pin direct serial cable option)
  • KTunerFlash All Via OBD Port
  • S300v3 (CAN – Motec SDL/ADL Setting)
  • KProv4 (CAN – Motec SDL/ADL Setting)
  • FlashPro All Via OBD Port
  • HondaCAN / AcuraCAN Factory CAN – All Via OBD Port
  • AEM v1/v2 (RS232)
  • AEM Infinity
  • Haltech v2.0 Protocols, including Elite models
  • Megasquirt 3/Pro (CAN)
  • ECUMaster
  • ECUMaster Black
  • LinkG4
  • Adaptronic
  • Standard OBD2 CAN
  • More to come…

Cable Options:

  • RD2C01 - Straight loose + 4 pin, NepTune/RTP KTunerECU Nismotronic (once added)
  • RD2C02 - Straight with OBD2 connector OBD2, KTunerFlash, FlashPro
  • RD2C03 - Straight loose (Aftermarket ECUs with CAN) Infinity, Hondata, Motec, MS3Pro, Haltech, etc
  • RD2R02 - Right angle with OBD2 connector (Same as C02, but right angle)
  • RD2R03 - Right Angle loose (Aftermarket ECUs with CAN) Infinity, Hondata, Motec, MS3Pro, Haltech, etc



  • Standard Camera Mount Center 1/4-20, Maximum Screw In Depth 8mm
  • Two Additional 6-32, Maximum Screw In Depth 8mm

Logging And Storage:

  • 4GB SD Card (High Capacity Logging)


  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer


  • 1 x CAN Controller Interface For Aftermarket ECUs and OBD2 CAN Communication
  • 1 x Opto-Isolated UART Interface For TTL Level Communication
  • 1 x K-Line Interface For K And L Line Communication
  • 1 x RS232 Interface (TX/RX)
  • 1 x Peripheral Communication Port For Expansion (UART)
  • 1 x USB Port For PC Communication (USB Mini-B)


  • 1 x Digital Input (Expansion)
  • 3 x Programmable Analog Inputs


  • 5.1 x 4.1 x .92 in