Garrett GTX2867R Super Core Turbocharger

Brand: Garrett

Product Code: 836040-5004S

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Garrett GTX2867R Super Core CHRA 836012-0004 8mm C/R 816366-5001S

This listing is for a brand new Garrett GTX2867R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo. This is the new Billet version of the previous Garrett GT28R model.This Dual Ball Bearing turbo has an Oil & Water Cooled center cartridge. This turbocharger is on track to replaced the older GT28R model as the most popular mid sized turbo on the market. The original GT28R paved the way for many performance enthusiasts earning its place as the best all around turbo out there for most peoples needs. The new GTX2876R makes more power, spools faster, and is all around better than the GT28R. Please note that the turbocharger in this auction does not come with an exhaust housing as it is designed to be an upgrade for people who currently own a non-x GT28R who want to upgade to the new 11-blade billet technology. You can just swap your old GT28R exhaust housing onto this new GTX28R. You can use your old GT28R exhaust housing and just swap this upgrade in.


Fully-Machined 10-Blade Billet Wheel. Dual Ball bearing oil & water cooled CHRA. Ported compressor shroud to increase surge resistance. Interchangeable with GT2860RS. Sold without turbine housing. Produces over 480hp! Ideal for Street, AutoCross, Road Racing, Drifting, and Rally. Also works great as a twin turbo set up for V8 or larger displacement engines


COMPRESSOR HOUSING - 3.0" / 2.0" Anti-Surge
HP RATING - 275-480