Acuity Vinyl Windshield Banner

Brand: Acuity

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  • Matte vinyl with black printed logo
  • Weather and UV-light resistant
  • Overall measurements are 54" wide by 10" tall



What build is complete without a windshield banner? Not only do windshield banners add a sleek appearance by virtue of the illusion of a lower roof line, but a windshield banner also helps to block out sunlight and improve visibility in very bright conditions. These banners are screen-printed on a matte white vinyl. The banners are designed to be weather resistant and UV-light resistant. We've used a very unique left-justified logo location to give your car a less common but more modern appearance.

ACUITY recommends using a felt-tipped squeegee to protect the matte surface and vinyl application fluid to help avoid any unwanted bubbles. The banner can be applied without these products, but they will improve quality of the installation. Installation is best performed with 2 people and working from one side of the windshield to the other. Before removing the backer from the banner, test fit the banner on the windshield and mark where you want it located using painter's tape. Remember to measure from the top of the A-pillar on each side of the windshield to make sure the banner will be installed level. If removing the backer exposes paper, the backer has not been fully removed. If this occurs, use a sharp razor to get between the vinyl and the backer. After this, the banner will peel off quite easily.